by Nick Ver Voort

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Don't take me down to Bridge St., down the river to the east. I've got other places I could go, dozens at the least. Still you keep insisting, so I've gotta let you know, don't take me down, cause I don't wanna go. Don't take me to Bridge St. at the bottom of the hill, I realize that you want me there, but I refuse it still. The world is full of fascinating things I'd like to see, so don't take me down, why won't you let me be? Now you're dragging me to Bridge St. and you say it's for the best, so why do I have all these vipers tangled in my chest? But we haven't made it all the way, so I'll ask you nice and slow: don't take me down, cause I don't wanna go Don't take me down
Dusk 05:36
At dusk it's easier to keep a clearer head, to understand when everything is said and done, don't shift into the sand and blow away. You'll never see the ocean for the spray. Come and walk with me in the dying hours of the sun, when everything and one left in the afterglow is sorting out the moments of the day. make the right connections just to say Dawn til dusk, dusk til dawn, a thousand hours of midnight doesn't seem like very long Embers settle from the dawn that I remember long ago, charcoal blocks are spent and now they're nearly cold at least to touch, to walk across, to hold but never to contain, or so I'm told So I take the D train back into the shadows of the night I walk along the trail, I feel alone, a light is guiding me across the foggy way and out of all the hazard of the day Dawn til dusk, dusk til dawn, a thousand hours of midnight doesn't seem like very long
Sweet Spot 04:04
Sometimes the sleeping doesn't come easy, sometimes it doesn't come at all. throughout the night when the longest shadow falls. The moon's been giving me a fever, the sun's been bringing me a chill, and all I can remember are the days I stood still. All that I can be is wrapped up in me, and everything I say is meant for today. When the clouds have cleared the platform, and horizons stretch below, I won't forget the plains of ice and snow. So when you find the sweet spot, between sleeping and awake, row the boat to safer shores for your own sake. All that I can be is wrapped up in me, and everything I say is meant for today. All that I can be is wrapped up in me, and everything I say is meant for today. When we finally drop the bag, and let all the marbles roll away, then I'll see you when the sun is up again.
Wellspring 02:07
Surround Me 02:37
"Time's up," she said to me, "and time is all you ever really had." "When you collect your mind and find the time to think about it," "I'm sure you'll realize it's not that bad." So I dragged myself on down the road and back to where my car was towed, underneath the setting sun. I thought it through sitting alone, my ego perched upon a stone, the acrid smoke still hanging from the gun. Then I heard the music from afar, the shining strings of a guitar, carrying across the empty air. Your gleaming cannons turn my way, I wait for what you have to say, I'm like a rabbit caught up in your snare. You say that you're dejected, you say you're in a bind surround me with your battleships I'm falling way behind. You say that you're connected, you say "all systems go" surround me with your battleships as if I didn't know.
Too Late 03:01
Good morning or good afternoon, whichever's first I can't remember all these facts I haven't rehearsed. Can you read between the lines of things we said, or keep the swirling ion stormclouds out of your head? Silently the people fall like motes in a beam, and sleepers jump arhythmically awoke from their dreams. A dancing shadow casts a line that shouldn't be crossed, for any time they dare to try the image is lost. Mushroom spores all luminesce and crystallites glow, silently illuminating hollows you know in caverns that you clamored through alone in your youth, when you were more ambitious and you wanted the truth. But now your apprehension leads to a different take, and you know what you didn't then: there are higher stakes. You survey cautiously and never stick out to far, for fear that someone sees you for what you really are. Round and round forevermore the clock hands must turn, time will carry forward as great ships sink and burn. There isn't any destiny, no grand twist of fate, at least you never think so until it's just too late.
One star in veils of grey, there's nothing left to say and souls amass anyway, drawn to some brighter day. When thoughts sink to the side, and hollow out your mind your hopes collect anyway, drawn to some brighter day. It's unquestionable, sadness leads to trouble shake that solitude from off your head. As the planet turns, and the clouds adjourn, we'll feel the rays instead. It's just a passing storm, you'll see a warmer dawn so lets just stay where we stay, wait for some brighter day.
I can see your reflection in the sky, in the wake of the clouds all passing by. Why'd you have to get on that plane and fly? Don't you know that I hate to say goodbye?


released January 18, 2016

All songs written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick Ver Voort, except where otherwise noted


all rights reserved



Nick Ver Voort Arlington, Massachusetts

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